Will Whitmore Breathes Life into Folk Music

Will Whitmore Breathes Life into Folk Music

It is rare for someone to break out of Lee County, Iowa and actually become a star, especially in the music business in the world of illegal downloading and complete neglect for copyright statutes.

William Elliot Whitmore is one of those guys who actually have made it in the music business and he happens to be from Montrose, Iowa. Will Whitmore has been on tour around the country, doing nationally recognized radio shows and developing a very impressive following within the folk music scene.

His latest record, “Animals in the Dark” made it onto several folk music charts. Whitmore likes to sing about the honest struggles of growing up in a farm town where industry appears to be dying out on an everyday basis.

Will is the kind of guy who will ask for a shot of whiskey mid set, but the whiskey may get more and more expensive as time goes forwards and his record sales continue to do well.

His song “Hall or High Water” is the kind of celebratory tune that also references the struggle that middle class laborers have to deal with.

Will Whitmore is still planning some of his tour dates for 2010. People really should listen to some of his songs such as “There’s Hope for you.” I get from the song that just because other people in your life have failed, that does not mean they have to drag you down in the gutter with you.

Will Whitmore is a true talent and in a world where the traditional folk singer appears to be dead people like Will Whitmore give us hope.

Will comes from the same places that we all came from, those towns around the country where people just seem to get trapped so when he sings about things like South Lee County brew, even though I don’t frequent bars I feel a little bit of a connection to the music. He has very honest tunes about death such as “Burn My Body” for example.

You can find out when his tour dates are finalized by going to Williams website. You can also buy his albums there for around twenty bucks. There is an online shopping cart option.

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