Where to Get Musical Instruments and Accessories on a Guaranteed Payment Plan

Where to Get Musical Instruments and Accessories on a Guaranteed Payment Plan

If you’re serious about writing or recording music, you likely want to do it on professional equipment. Unfortunately, many artists shy away from the musical instruments and audio gear they really want because of heavy price tags or difficult to obtain credit.

Quality gear can make or break an artists success. Record labels and venues don’t typically take time out to imagine what your sound could be like if it was performed on professional instruments or in a professional sound studio.

Being a musician myself, I did a lot of searching a while back for a music supplier that could offer me competitive pricing, low interest, and a huge selection to choose from. In the end, I found a handful of phenomenal companies that actually exceeded my initial expectations.

American Music Supply

It offers a massive selection of music gear that can be financed interest free via a payment plan that does not require any kind of credit check. They also have a fantastic 45 day lowest price guarantee on any item you buy from them – so if you buy a Fender guitar (for example) and find it cheaper at another store a month later, they’ll still beat that price! The only thing you’ll need to setup a payment plan with AMS is a credit/debit card. To use the “Easy Payment” option just add between $249.99 and $995.94 to your cart and select “3 Easy Payments” at checkout. If you’re looking to finance between $995.95 and $3000, you’ll be able to select “5 Easy Payments” at checkout. Once you’ve made your initial payment, you’re gear will be on it’s way!


This is another phenomenal music supplier which also offers a massive selection of musical instruments and gear, guaranteed lowest prices, and no interest financing. The main difference between the two companies is that zZounds offers a 4 month payment plan for orders over $249 versus American Music Supply’s tiered payment plans ranging from 3 to 5 months in duration.

These payment plans provide an intelligent way for musicians to finance the gear they want at a rate they can afford while saving untold amounts of money with guaranteed low prices and zero percent financing. You don’t need to let your credit line or budget put a limiter on your abilities and aspirations and you can actually start making money gigging or recording with your new music gear as you pay it off!

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