KEURIG Premium Coffee System Review

KEURIG Premium Coffee System Review

Like most coffee drinkers, I love to start my day off with the aroma and taste of freshly brewed coffee. I don’t always want a full pot of coffee but I make a full pot anyways, and end up wasting more than half the pot. I knew I needed something simpler, something that would keep me from wasting my coffee. So I decided to go out and buy a new coffee maker.

I ended up at Target and found myself looking at the different brands and models of coffee makers. 30 minutes later I finally made a decision to purchase the KEURIG ELITE-MODEL B40. I chose the KEURIG ELITE-MODEL B40 simply because it will brew a single cup of Coffee, Tea or Hot Cocoa amp; the only mess I have to clean is my coffee cup. Now that’s impressive!

The KEURIG ELITE MODEL B40 is capable of brewing two coffee cup sizes, 7.25oz and 9.25oz. which means if you are using a regular-sized coffee cup ( 10oz ) you will get either a half cup or a full cup of coffee, tea or hot cocoa. It has a water reservoir that has a 48oz capacity.

Like most coffee drinkers I like to take my coffee with me on the way to work. So another great feature is that you can remove the drip pan from the KEURIG to accommodate a travel mug.

The KEURIG ELITE MODEL B40 is a little pricey ( $99.95 ) but I was willing to pay the price since I knew I was getting a multifunction coffee maker, and It came with a variety pack of 18 K-cups. K-cups are individual single servings of Gourmet Coffee, Tea, or Hot Cocoa that are prepackaged for you. The K-cups are conveniently located in the same area as the KEURIG coffee maker or you can find it in the same aisle as the Coffee.

K-cup comes in 13 different Gourmet Coffee, Tea or Hot Cocoa brands with 200 different flavors to choose from. If the Dept. store does not carry the brand or flavor you like, simply log on to set up an account, and order your favorite Coffee, Tea or Hot Cocoa.

If you still can not find the brand or flavor of your coffee than you can buy a reusable filter either at the dept store or on-line. The price of K-cups can range from as little as $2.93 for a 5 piece sample pack to $14.95 for a 24 pack of your favorite Coffee, Tea, or Hot Cocoa.

So when I got home I moved my old coffee pot to its new home, the closet, ( for a yard sale down the road ) and made room for my new KEURIG ELITE MODEL B40. Removing it from the box was a little tricky but I managed. It fit perfectly in the same spot as my old coffee pot and it matched the rest of my kitchen accessories. It took less than 5 minutes for me to set up my new KEURIG coffee maker and enjoy a Gourmet cup of coffee brewed in the comfort of my own kitchen.

If you are the only coffee drinker in the house or you are living the bachelor lifestyle, a single cup coffee maker is often a better choice. So by now, you may be wondering where to buy your next coffee maker? Dept. stores like BED BATH amp; BEYOND, MACY’S, TARGET, KOHL’S amp; other Dept. stores carry many varieties of coffee makers. It just depends on what you are looking for. I absolutely love my new KEURIG coffee maker. It is simple, reliable and consistent. I recommend it to anyone looking to buy a single serving coffee maker. You can research your new KEURIG Coffee Maker online at any of the sites listed below.

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