Instrumental Genius and Indie Flair: Five of the Best Songs by Fanfarlo Yet

Instrumental Genius and Indie Flair: Five of the Best Songs by Fanfarlo Yet

Fanfarlo is an indie band based in London, England, that has an incredible sound, a strong collection of music, and an expanding fan base. Comprised of Amos Memon, Cathy Lucas, Justin Finch, Leon Beckenham, and Simon Balthazar, Fanfarlo has been created beautiful music together since 2006. I first heard the band’s music in 2010, and I was immediately hooked. Their songs are unique, catchy, and completely memorable. Here is a look at five of the best songs by Fanfarlo yet, and see for yourself just how talented the London-based indie musical group truly is.

Top Songs Of Fanfarlo

“Fire Escape”

The first song I ever heard by Fanfarlo was “Fire Escape.” Upon first listen, I was hooked immediately. I couldn’t get enough of their upbeat sound, unique instrumental orchestration, and beautifully collaborated harmonies and melodies. In addition, “Fire Escape” has a seriously catchy beat and memorable lyrics, making this a song that has frequent rotation on my mp3 player.


Another song by Fanfarlo that I absolutely fell in love with is “Atlas.” “Atlas” is a fantastic song with a great upbeat vibe. I simply cannot listen to this song without being taken over by the rhythm. There is simply not a boring moment in the song, all thanks to original musical composition combined with beautiful harmonizing vocals and memorable lyrics. For added entertainment value, be sure to check out the music video for “Atlas.”


“Comet” is another great song by Fanfarlo. The song is beautiful, and starts off with a sense of calm that gradually builds into a more euphoric sound. “Comet” is a lovely song with top notch vocals, invigorating instrumental accompaniment, and a truly majestic sound once the trumpets begin sounding. At one point in this song, Fanfarlo actually reminded me a great deal of another indie act, Beirut. That is my book, is a massive compliment.

“Good Morning Midnight”

“Good Morning Midnight” is a a purely instrumental song and it is simply beautiful in its understated purity. The sound is crisp, multi-faceted, and undeniably enjoyable, Fanfarlo proves that a song doesn’t need lyrics in order to speak volumes.


Last but most certainly not least, “Luna” is an extraordinary song by Fanfarlo. Featuring an upbeat tempo, seriously catchy beat, and a variety of instruments lending accompaniment, “Luna” is definitely one of the most original pieces I have heard in quite some time.

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