How to Be a Guitar Hero Winner

How to Be a Guitar Hero Winner

As the video games Guitar Hero and Rock Band become increasingly popular, a greater number of players have dedicated hours to mastering these games. With this in mind, I have written this article to help Guitar Hero and Rock band players become more accurate performers, and to alleviate the hours of frustration that may accompany a day of unsuccessful attempts at completing a level or playing through a song.
At a first glance, Guitar Hero and Rock Band might seem deceitfully simple and easy, and they might appear as a joke to the accomplished musician. But, to become a winner in these video games, a player needs to develop particular skills and techniques, similar to some extent to those used by professional musicians.

My first suggestion is the most basic one to any musician, in Guitar Hero and on any stage in the world: listen attentively to the music. For this, I advice you to get the songs you find on the game, and play the original versions in your ipod, computer, or CD player as often as possible. You will be amazed at how much it helps knowing the songs well, and learning to properly anticipate changes. In fact, the more familiar you are with the repertory of songs found in the game, the greater your chances at succeeding in performing them.

Try to hold the instruments similarly to how professional musicians hold theirs. This will make it easier to make the proper hand movements on a comfortable and timely fashion. For the guitar, your frethand should have your thumb behind the neck, and you should try to use one finger for each color. This will immensely help you to gain speed. In Rock Band, use the same technique for the bass. For the strumming hand, avoid doing only down strokes, but rather alternate up and down movements. This will further help you keep up with the speed in most instances. If you are playing the drum set in Rock band, use one drumstick for each hand, and use your right foot for the drum kick (if you are right handed).

If these video games haven’t inspired you to try an electric or acoustic guitar, let me tell you that playing the real thing will also help you improve your technique with Guitar Hero and Rock Band. They both take a great deal of coordination, but playing a guitar will help you attain the skills with much greater accuracy.

Ultimately, practice will lead to excellence. So to be a winner, you need to put hours into developing and mastering these skills.

Good luck and rock on!

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