Homemade Musical Instruments for Children

Homemade Musical Instruments for Children

Children will love creating these homemade musical instruments and learning how to play them. The children will entertain the whole family with their concerts. Have fun with a family band. Here are the instructions so your children can make and play their own homemade musical instruments.

Homemade Musical Instrument #1 – Musical Jugs

Any bottle with a skinny neck can be used to make this homemade musical instrument. Save your empty pop bottles, ketchup bottles, milk or laundry jugs. Larger jugs make lower note sounds; smaller bottles will make higher notes.

To play musical jugs hold the bottle up to your lips. The bottle should be held straight down from your lips. Blow softly across the opening of the bottle. Keep practicing and you’ll soon figure out how to make the sounds.

Homemade Musical Instruments #2 – Musical Combs

A musical comb will add melody to your band. To make a musical comb just find a fine tooth comb. Wrap a piece of thin paper around it. Place the fold of the paper over the comb’s teeth. You can tape it on or just hold it while you play. Experiment with different kinds of paper for different sounds.

To play this homemade musical instrument hold the comb with the teeth up, between your teeth. Hum a tune through your mouth to make the comb vibrate.

Homemade Musical Instrument #3 – Musical Spoons

To make this simple homemade musical instrument just find two old spoons. Hold the spoons with the rounded bottoms held together. Both spoons are held in one hand. One spoon’s handle should be held between the first and middle fingers. The second spoon should be held between the middle and third fingers. Don’t hold the spoons too tightly!

To play musical spoons hold them correctly, then slap them against the palm of your other hand. It’s fun to learn how to play the musical spoons against your knee, too.

Homemade Musical Instrument #4 – Musical Glasses

To make musical glasses first find at least eight drinking glasses. Thinner glass makes a nicer sound. Put water into each glass. More water makes deeper sounds. Fill each glass with different amounts of water for different notes. Sing do-re-me-fa-so-la-ti-do as you test each glass to tune them.

To play this homemade musical instrument lightly tap the sides of the glasses with a pencil or spoon. To stop the ringing sound to make a shorter note touch the rim of the glass with a finger.

Homemade Musical Instrument #5 – Musical Drums

No band would be complete without drums. Make them out of empty oatmeal boxes, coffee cans, pots and pans. Pencils or spoons can be used for drumsticks.

Every child knows how to play a drum. Let them pound away!

Enjoy watching your children play these homemade musical instruments or join in the fun.

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