Gary Moore Blue Guitarist Dead at 58

Gary Moore Blue Guitarist Dead at 58

Internet buzz is that Gary Moore has died in Spain on February 6, 2011 at the age of 58. The legendary blues guitarist was on holiday and died in his sleep according to many sources. Gary Moore was a blues-rock singer and guitarist from Ireland.

The death of Gary Moore is being reported by the Knac website and the Hotpress website both websites reported that he died in his sleep. The singer’s official web site was unavailable as news spread across the internet of the legend’s death. The BBC has also reported that the rock guitarist has died.

Moore was born in Belfast Ireland on April 4, 1952 began his musical career in 1969. Gary got his first guitar at age eight and began performing but it was not until six years later that he got a better guitar and his talent began to shine.

The music of Elvis, The Beatles, and Jimi Hendrix influenced legendary blues guitarist in the early days. Peter Green of Fleetwood Mac was an early mentor of Moore’s as well. In 1995, the artist did a tribute album to his mentor and on that album; he sang songs composed by Green.

In 1969, Gary Moore joined a band called Skid Row, which was an Irish band. The band released three albums Skid in 1970, 34 hours in 1971 and the band released an album titled “Gary Moore/Brush Shiels/Noel Bridgeman” 1971, and this title contained the names of the band member’s names.

Gary Moore released his first solo album titles “Grinding Stone” in 1973. He released a total of twenty solo studio albums, and six live albums from 1973, to 2008. There were eleven compilation albums for the legendary blue guitarist and singer along with eleven UK singles that were Top 40 hits.

While a member of Thin Lizzy Gary Moore helped with the creations eight albums with the band. He was also in multiple bands while he enjoyed his solo career and they included Colosseum II in 1976-1977, BBM in 1994 and Scars in 2002 with Cass Lewis, and Darrin Mooney.

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