A Few Tips For New Guitar Players

A Few Tips For New Guitar Players

Starting out your guitar journey is a little bit scary and frustrating at times if you are not prepared for it that is. Guitar playing is an exercise of the mind, hand, and coordination between them, so don’t worry if you haven’t still been able to strike the right notes. Be patient things will come naturally after some time, and you will wonder how you couldn’t do what you are doing now, and it is all part of the process.

For that reason, I have decided to write this article to help you out with your new hobby and maybe make things a little easier and better for you. I will provide you with some nice tips you can implement instantly and that will make you a better guitarist now and in the future.
I have been a guitar teacher for a long time now, and one thing that I notice in a lot of beginners is that their death grips the neck of the guitar.

This happens because pressing the strings against the fretboard is a little tasking, to say the least, and I know that your fingers and hands are tired. For that reason, new guitarists tend to grip the neck a little too tightly. This decreases your speed and also hinders you from pressing the strings properly on the fretboard. Remember to keep your thumb on the back of the neck, and your body will figure out the rest.

I suggest to every new guitarist to not worry about the speed that they are playing, you just can’t it is not realistic to try to play fast, most new guitarists try to play faster than their fingers allow and in turn sacrifice their techniques. Good technique isn’t being fast, it is hitting the right note properly, especially true for scales and bar chords. Take Eric ‘Slow Hands’ Clapton for example, he may not be the fastest guitarist, but he is one of the best ever.

Getting a guitar capo can be very helpful for beginners, since it makes playing the guitar much easier, especially if you have smaller hands and you can’t reach the frets effortlessly.

One more thing that may hinder your progression is staying in your comfort zone. I see a lot of new guitar players that learn a couple of songs, chords, and notes, and try to get better at them and also practice them every day constantly. Why not try something new and a little difficult, don’t shy away give it a try, you will be surprised at what you can do. There is nothing as too difficult with enough practice everything is possible.

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